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Separation, divorce and the complications of splitting the family unit can lead to some of the most emotionally charged cases in the court system. You are challenged with both the need to protect your rights as well as protect the best interests of your family now and in the future. Our Lenexa family law and divorce attorney can help you meet these challenges and come out on top.

Serving Clients In Kansas And Missouri Family Law Matters

At the Law Office of Tracey D. Johnson, LLC, we will help you identify your complete family law needs, evaluate relevant law and work toward the best possible resolution in your case. While we are experienced in negotiation and settlement, we are also prepared to take any case to trial. For more information and a free consultation to discuss your case, call 913-499-0422 or contact us online.

“We are dedicated to helping you identify the legal issues you face, focus on your individual needs and deliver a forward-looking resolution for your family.”

–Tracey D. Johnson

Results That Meet the Needs of Your Family

While some divorces can be more complicated than others, every resolution must be tailored to the unique needs of the family. Our attorney will work collaboratively with you to establish goals and objectives, identify potential pitfalls and legal issues, and work toward a tailored result that meets the needs of your family while protecting your rights.

Divorce, Annulment or Separation Contested and Uncontested

We represent husbands and wives in both uncontested and contested divorces and separations, including cases involving children and property settlements with substantial assets. If the dissolution of the marriage cannot be avoided, we encourage spouses to try working together to determine an amicable separation agreement. If the case goes to trial, we provide a strong voice for the interests of our clients.

Uncontested divorces, annulments or legal separations are cases in which the parties are able to reach an agreement on all issues prior to going to court. In most courts, there are different procedures to follow depending on whether the case is contested or uncontested. Some courts only allow cases to go on an uncontested track, if there are no children or property involved.

Divorce and Your Children

While divorce is a very difficult time for you and your spouse, any children involved also deserve attention to ensure that their best interests are protected throughout the process. Our firm is experienced in the dissolution of marriage and the varied legal issues that involve children, including custody, parenting time, visitation, support and protection from abuse.

Division of Property Solutions

If your case involves marital property division, our attorney is equally capable at the negotiating table and at trial. Property division in high net worth cases can be confusing, and a mistake can cause substantial loss. We know how important it is to get these figures right the first time. When necessary, we will hire expert witnesses, like certified public accountants and business valuation experts, to prove that your numbers are the right ones. We will do what it takes in order to achieve results you are comfortable with.

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For a personal and confidential consultation with our Overland Park family law attorney, please call 913-499-0422, or contact us online. We offer flexible payment options, weekend or evening appointments, and home or hospital visits upon request. Our lawyer is licensed and practicing in both Kansas and Missouri.

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