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The most contentious divorces are generally those involving children. Making the situation the best it can possibly be for a child can be difficult when one or both spouses are uncooperative. It is generally best for everyone involved if an agreement can be reached, but if not, a judge will make the final determination. If you are considering a divorce and have children, you should consult with our Lenexa child custody lawyer.

The Law Office of Tracey D. Johnson, LLC, offers legal representation and advice to parents who are charged with the care and support of their children. Whether through divorce or a paternity case, our experienced family law attorney can help you with all child support and child custody issues you may face. Call 913-499-0422 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

Our office is experienced in handling all the issues related to divorce/dissolution of a marriage or separation of the parties in both Kansas and Missouri. In child support and child custody cases, we work with our clients to resolve issues in the best interests of the children.

Getting the Visitation and Parenting Time You Need With Your Children

Generally, courts in both Missouri and Kansas prefer that, if both parents are competent, they share legal custody. However, they also prefer that the child or children have an established “home base,” meaning that they have a primary residence with one parent where they go to school and receive mail.

There is no objective test for a judge to create a parenting plan. Instead, the court bases its decision, in part, on the answers to the following questions, which is generally referred to as determining the “child’s best interests”:

  • Is one parent currently doing the bulk of the parenting?
  • What are the current responsibilities of each parent with regard to the children?
  • Who is able to provide the children with the best resources and most time?
  • When is each parent available to take care of his or her children? What are the parents’ work schedules like?

In addition to the courts, this is what attorney Tracey D. Johnson will need to know in order to negotiate with the other parent’s representatives. When parents can come to an agreement on visitation and custody, those settlements usually work out better for both sides and, above all, are what is best for the children involved.

Child Custody Modifications

Several issues related to divorce and separations may be modified if there has been a substantial change in circumstances such as:

  • Parental relocation
  • The changing needs of the children
  • The death of either a child or parent
  • Illegal activities or misconduct of a parent

Court orders that may be modified include child custody, parenting time agreements or other issues that may be mutually agreed to by the parties. We are experienced in helping spouses and parents execute effective post-decree modifications of child custody, support and visitation agreements.

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For a personal and confidential consultation with our Overland Park family law attorney, please call 913-499-0422, or contact us online. We offer flexible payment options, weekend or evening appointments, and home or hospital visits upon request. Our lawyer is licensed and practicing in both Kansas and Missouri.

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