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Family Law

At the Law Office of Tracey D. Johnson, LLC, we represent clients in a variety of family law and domestic relations cases. We understand the complexity of these issues and the emotional effects they have on all members of the families involved. Our office is committed to providing personalized, confidential, and knowledgeable representation for families and individuals.

Licensed For Family Law Courts In Kansas And Missouri

Tracey D. Johnson is a Lenexa divorce and family law attorney representing clients in both Kansas and Missouri. If you need effective legal advice regarding divorce and separation laws in Kansas or Missouri, please call 913-499-0422 or contact us online. We offer initial client consultations in both Johnson and Wyandotte counties, for your convenience.

A Johnson County Lawyer Protecting the Interests of You and Your Loved Ones

We represent clients in all kinds of family law and domestic relations legal matters. Issues we can assist you with include, but are not limited to:


We have successfully assisted both mothers and fathers in paternity-related matters. Mothers’ issues generally relate to a desire to establish paternity prior to pursuing child support matters and fathers’ issues are typically related to asserting their rights to visitation/parenting time or shared custody. We also assist unmarried couples, grandparents, and stepparents seeking effective visitation agreements.


Assisting families with in-family adoption is a legal service we are able to provide to stepparents, grandparents, and other family members who want to formally adopt a child relative who has been in their care. We help our clients keep their families together.

Providing Services in Overland Park and Throughout the Kansas City Metro

Attorney Tracey D. Johnson is ready to stand up for you in court to protect your interests in all family law matters. For a personal and confidential consultation, please call 913-499-0422, or contact us online.