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If you are arrested for DUI / DWI, you may be facing serious consequences, including loss of your license. Many clients do not know that there are often separate issues involved when they are arrested for DUI or DWI:

  1. The criminal charge of DUI or DWI
  2. Related traffic offenses leading up to drunk driving traffic stop
  3. The administrative license suspension issue.

We explore our client’s options in both areas by requesting and stringently reviewing all police reports, affidavits, any video tapes that are available in the case to determine if there are any defenses to the charges. In addition, we consider whether it is in our client’s best interests to request an administrative hearing to seek to retain their driving privileges. At the Law Office of Tracey D. Johnson, LLC, we can represent you in both the administrative license hearing and defend you against the criminal charges in court.

Our law office assists drivers who have been charged with a first offense, second offense, or third offenses for DUI or DWI. We seek treatment options and diversion as alternative penalties for first-offense clients, and have obtained acquittals in court.

We work diligently to reduce the impact of these issues on your insurance and your overall life.

The Serious Consequences of a DUI Conviction
The penalties and costs of a DUI conviction are substantial. I also work hard to reduce the impact of the matter on your insurance premiums. Kansas and Missouri drivers face the possibility of mandatory jail time if they are convicted of driving under the influence. Lost wages, substantial court fees and related fines, combined with a dramatic increase in motorists’ insurance make drunk driving a costly mistake.

Whatever your situation is, seeking experienced, professional help from the Law Office of Tracey D. Johnson, LLC can make all the difference.

Criminal penalties for DUI have changed in Kansas pursuant to Senate Bill 6. Our website will be updated soon to reflect these recent changes in the law.

Have You Lost Your License (suspended license)?
Our office assists Kansas and Missouri drivers who have had their driving privileges suspended or revoked due to not having proof of insurance, speeding tickets, reckless driving charges, and other traffic offenses. We help our clients get back on the road and assist them in minimizing or avoiding increased insurance costs.

For a personal and confidential consultation with our Lenexa Traffic Law attorney, please call 913-499-0422, or contact us by e-mail.

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